Rules & Instructions

Boerne Parade Rules & Instructions

All Moving floats, powered vehicles (no semi-trucks allowed), horse-drawn; mule-drawn, walking/marching groups or otherwise not identified in this agreement will comply with the following criteria for participation. Failure to comply will result in the participant’s removal without refund of the application fee. Said criteria are as follows:

  1. Each entry can HAVE MUSIC playing during the parade. Music must be family-friendly and obscene language and lyrics are prohibited. Participant’s float must come self-contained with generator power for music above and beyond state law required for moving vehicles.
  2. THROWING of any objects such as candy, jewelry, toys, trinkets, liquids, ice, plastics, papers, etc. is strictly forbidden. You may WALK towards the audience and HAND them item. Your organization will not be permitted to be in the 2022 parade if you are seen throwing items from your float. This rule is in place for safety purposes.
  3. Vehicle drivers must a.) be an adult b.) poses the appropriate license to drive the type of vehicle included in your parade entry.
  4. Parade entry speed will not exceed 10 mph along the designated parade route at all times.
  5. Entries are to remain a safe distance from the crowd, the float in front of them and maintain their assigned position throughout the duration of the parade.
  6. No entry can stop or stall the parade for any reason. This includes performances & demonstrations. Such performances must be done while moving in a forward direction. Exceptions include emergency vehicles.
  7. Once the parade has started, no entry will be permitted to drop out of the lineup unless there is a safety issue.
  8. No smoking or drinking of alcoholic beverages by participants before or throughout the duration of the parade. These actions will not be tolerated; participants will be expelled immediately upon failure to comply.
  9. All participating children under the age of 18 must be supervised by an adult.
  10. Groups with teens, please instruct your teens not to walk in the street against the flow of parade traffic! This is very dangerous!
  11. All horse entries must have bun-bag/diaper during the parade and show proof of a negative Coggins Test within the past 12 months prior to the parade.
  12. Entries may not engage in behavior or actions that would endanger themselves or spectators along the street.
  13. Parade Judging will occur prior to the start of the parade. Winners will be presented with a banner prior to departure. Entries interested in being judged should be in line and ready to be judged at 9:00 am.
  14. Car Groups: An entry includes a maximum of 4 vehicles to be driven two by two.
  15. Limit 2 entries per organization or group.
  16. Entries will be included in the parade once the entry form and fees have been submitted.

Parade Schedule

7:30 am- Line up/Staging
8:30 am- Start Main Street Closure
9:00 am- Judging Starts
10:00 am- Parade Start
11:30 am- Estimated Parade End

Staging, Route, and Parade End Instructions:

Instructions will be available soon.

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